Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Charged Spirit Lines (Ley Lines)

Last Thursday I did a talk on "Charged Ley Lines" to the Finger Lakes Dowsers. Ancient cultures used to charge Ley Lines by praying, doing ceremony or praying on them and the stones that they marked the Spirit Line with. Once charged Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) have a very positive, or charged feel to them.

I never knew about Charged Spirit Lines because never ran into one. While the majority of Spirit Lines were once charged, they have lost their charge because of human activity and thought. I was blown away when I finally found a charged Spirit Line at Hipp Brook, in Penfield NY.  Below is a picture of it. My staff shows its direction and you can see several stones placed upon it long ago.

My Clarks Gully Blog has lots of pictures of Charged Spirit Lines that have lost their charge.

I also led a group meditation with over 30 people on the Ley Line. It was a powerful experience that charged the Ley Line, the room and the participants. I also believe one person had a cathartic experience and expunged something from their subtle body.

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