Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ghost Busters, Odd Coincidence, the Universe

I was watching the new Ghostbusters Movie (2016) starring Melissa McCarthy when I noticed some strange similarities to my personal life. Odd I thought.

It begins when the ghostbusters talk about various power points where ghosts and creepy things have been  happening in NYC. They mention the corner of Sixth Ave and 26th Street. It caught my attention because my last residence in NYC before coming home to Syracuse was 109 West 26th Street.

They then connect all the x's and say that they represent Ley Lines. I have been searching for Ley Lines for 15 years. My most recent book Sacred Sites in North Star Country is all about where Ley lines originate from.

Further in the movie they talk about how Ley Lines are a passage system  in the unseen world separating this world from the unseen world. Not to dissimilar from what I believe.

The topper was that a fellow was looking to create a vortex where the Ley Lines intersected. My previous Vortices and Spirals was all about what vortices are, how to create them and work with them.

Coincidence? Or the Universe at Work?

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