Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gossamer Wood Earth Healer's Gathering--Monday (4/30) between 11 AM and 5 PM

Note because of cold weather and snow we will be gathering on MONDAY 4/30/18


We will be gathering for Keepers work (spiritual cleaning, trail work, pickup, meditating….) at Gossamer Wood this MONDAY(4/30) at 11 AM. Please join us.

Remember you cannot park at the house. Please park at 2225 County Rte 28 Canandaigua  by the gas valves/fixtures and fence (see picture below.) Make sure to park close to each other so that we will be able to park 6-7 cars. We can move cars when people have to leave. You can also park on County Road 28, but do not straddle the white line. You can also park at Riser Rd if you are concerned about traffic.

I expect we will stay to around 5 PM. Come whenever you want between 11AM and 5 PM and stay as long as you want.

If  you are not interested in doing physical work and all you want to do is pray its okay. We don’t want to make people do what they don’t want to. We want to channel your interests and feed your knowledge.

Someone  will be visiting to plant some blue bells this week…. If anyone has access to yellow flag, or marsh marigolds (cowslip), or knows a farmer that has some please bring it to Gossamer.

TEntative plans Sunday—it will combine both physical work, earth healing and meditation.
  • Continue to clean front area of trail
  • make a stone circle in the entryway that people must walk through to enter Gossamer.
  • Charge up the stone circle and meditate in it. This will be ongoing
  • The Welcome circle had some deer hair and could use a boost of meditative love.
  • Improve the drainage along the trail next to the field. Dig trenches.
  • Chainsaw  trees that have fallen such as in the back
  • Chainsaw—Cut up limbs into pieces to put on the trail in wet areas.
  • Start the Earth Healing of the Tall Oaks
  • Practice dowsing. Earth Healers need to learn how to dowse.
  • We will also disscuss fund raising ideas and things to do as Gossamer. We will be having activities such as Forest Bathing, Group meditations/learning to sense our Mother, hand painting with elementals, energy healing sessions etc. at Gossamer. We want to raise some money, but more importantly get people involved so that they will tell others, who will tell others.. etc. A good experience at Gossamer can become contagious. if you have some ideas on things you would like to do speak up on Sunday.
  • While many of the areas at Gossamer are marked we will marking those charged areas that are not.
  • We may not get to all these, but at least we know what has to be done.
Please bring:
  • Dowser’s L-Rods. If you don’t have a pair I will try and bring some along.   Instruction will be provided. We will be doing some dowsing.
  • Seat Cushion to sit on,  You can get one at Dick’s has them on sale for $6.99 a steal. Get a chip clip to attach to it so that you can clip it on your pant’s loop.  Here’s a link to Dick’s https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/fs-heat-a-seat-hunting-cushion-17fnsufshtstrltrxhbg/17fnsufshtstrltrxhbg https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/fs-heat-a-seat-hunting-cushion-17fnsufshtstrltrxhbg/17fnsufshtstrltrxhbg
  • Please bring gloves and some hand clippers and other garden tools if you have them. 

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