Monday, April 23, 2018

Sacred Sites Update--Gossamer Wood, Keepers Work on Earth Day

The Friends of Gossamer Wood gathered at Gossamer Wood on Earth Day yesterday for some Keeper's work--spiritual cleansing and fortifying, trail maintenance, and dowsing/geomancy practice. 

What was amazing was that we discovered a lot more stones, manitou stones, platform stones and the like marking  aspects of Mother Earth--Ley Lines, Energy Lines... Peter Shell and I ended up shooting a bunch of videos on the formations which I will edit and post to motherearthprayers in the next few months.

Gossamer is INCREDIBLE. I have been visiting, meditating, leading group meditations and connecting to our Mother for over a decade there. Then today we discover all this incredible stone work. WOW. The area between the western boundary and the creek is loaded. It's been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years. This is just another wonderful aspect of Gossamer. 

What other wonders and joys remain to be discovered?

If exploring ancient stone work and Earth Magic interests you please consider donating to our effort to preserve sacred Gossamer, or if you wish to learn more, get involved go to: Gossamer Wood

Here are some pictures,

Platform stone marking the intersection of six Ley Lines

Peter found this very interesting formation. The two staffs going horizontally (1 checkered, 1 white) mark a Ley Line. The while the three vertical staffs mark Energy Lines.  Stones mark the intersection of Ley Lines and Energy Lines. SEE RELATED PICTURE BELOW.

White staffs mark the Energy Line from the picture from above it. Four or five stones marked this Energy Lines up to the creek.

This platform stone near the Spirit Keeper's Circle marks the intersection of 10-12 Ley Lines. I only had 6 staffs with me.

Kareen and friends did a good job clearing the front entranceway.

Peter Shell meditating in the Natural Vortex in the Spirit Keepers Circle.

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