Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Gossamer Wood, Please Donate to our Effort to Buy this Sacred Place and Protect it for Perpetuity


We have initiated our effort to purchase the grounds of Gossamer Wood Retreat Healing Center in Canandaigua, NY for our not for profit Jubilee Initiative and protect it for perpetuity. To make it a refuge for  seekers and lovers of Nature to enjoy Mother Earth at Her best. Until we purchase Gossamer Wood it will only be open for special events. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT AT OTHER TIMES.

The grounds of Gossamer Wood have been a sacred site for millennia. We wish to keep that tradition going. Please consider donating to our effort by visiting the Gossamer Wood website, or by clicking on the Donate button on the upper right.

We will be putting a big push on in the spring when the snow melts  with visits and more. Some have been already donated for tax purposes this year; that is the reason for the donation request at this time. In case you were looking to make a year end donation. 

The Gossamer Wood website has a plethora of information about Gossamer Wood:

  • A writeup of Gossamer
  • A trail Map
  • information about Jubilee Initiative
  • A DRAFT of the survey Map and Conservation Easement to protect it
  • information where you can send money if you do not want to donate online.
  • more...
Thanks for your time and consideration. Some pictures to follow (click the title above to see them if you are getting this message as an email.)


Bill Dewey standing on the bridge that takes you to the "Other Side" and the "Tall Oaks" area.

The original trail system on the north side of the grounds.

One of the many sacred areas that have been marked off for Pilgrims to experience.

Trail System on the back southside near the creek in early spring.

The old welcome circle. Over the years all the meditating, smudging and prayers done before entering caused an energy vortex to form. Magic!

The new Welcome Circle on the north side in the "Ancient Area." This is where you will enter and smudge yourself before entering.

One of many Manitou Stones on the grounds. This one marks the intersection of two Ley Lines in the "Ancient Area." All the Manitou Stones on the grounds are a pretty good indication that the Gossamer Grounds date back to at least the Early Woodland Period (1,000 BC to 0AD) if not earlier.

Kareen and Brooke sitting in what they have dubbed the "Women's Circle" if I memory is correct. It is located next to the main trail in the "Ancient Area" and not far from the new Welcome Circle. They kept telling me they felt such warmth and love there; Feminine Energy they called it. They were right as the next photo shows.
The black oval over the large stones in the "Women's Circle" mark a formation of Mother Earth. There are no other large boulders, or any other rocks of any size, close to this area. So the question were the stones welled up by Mother Earth or did an ancient Native American culture place them there? If the later, then it was done thousands of years ago as I discussed in an earlier post, Sacred Sites Update--Gossamer's Sacred Stones The water dome below the formation is a very good indication that much praying and ceremony took place at the "Women's Circle."

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