Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Place Matters:Could "Star Wars Invaders" Overshadow "Magical" Irish Island

There was a segment this AM on CBS morning news about an island in the Altlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland used for filming in the recent Star Wars movie. It was where Luke Skywalker was hiding in the movie.

Skellig Michael, or Great Skellig, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was a monastery for over 600 years beginning in 600 AD. Mark Phillips of CBS commented about the concerns that the Island will have its history overrun by a new force.

Place Matters. We leave imprints of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. Over time these imprints get stronger and encourage more of the same. But, they can be overrun with the thoughts and actions of others that follow.

Sadly another sacred space is being overwhelmed with tourists and gawkers out for a visual thrill. We have become a society of voyeurs shooting videos and taking pictures with our cell phones and in the process contaminating the places we go.

To see this splendid video click on:
The Dark Force Innundates the Sacred

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