Monday, May 16, 2016

Serpent Mound (Ohio, Pennsylvania) Trip and Survey; Part 6

The trip home from Serpent Mound included a stop in Pittsburgh. My map dowsing found several Fields of Consciousness (FOC) in the city. A few were inaccessible.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a stacked Field of 3 (3 Fields stacked upon each other) at the Smithfield UCC church. Pittsburgh is 360 miles from Syracuse, the center of Mother Earth's Soul (FOC's) and makes me wonder that perhaps their reach is farther than I had thought.

What is nice about Pittsburgh's Smithfield UCC is that the sanctuary is open for prayer and meditation 9AM to 2:45PM Monday to Friday. Thus it provides plenty of time and opportunity for pilgrims to visit and experience the FOC and help raise the vibe I encourage people in the Pittsburgh area to visit and meditate there.

Smithfield UCC was undergoing renovations as the picture below shows.

Harrison Hills Park is located in Natrona Heights, 24 miles north of Pittsburgh. There is a stacked Field of 3 by the parking lot near the Learning Center and Yakama Pavilion.

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