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Earth Healing- at Gossamer Retreat & Hipp Brook's Ancient Boulders 11/19/16

WE had a fruitful day this past Saturday working on Gossamer Retreat and Healing Center (Canandaigua) and visiting Hipp Brook, which was an incredible experience as the pictures below tell.

We able to make 2 stone circles, lay down several prayer stones which we mediated on and completed much of the new trail on the north side of Gossamer.

 Above is the Welcome Circle we created at the north end of Gossamer on the new entry trail. We have mediated in the circle several times. the vibe is very positive.

 Above is another Manitou Stone, or Upright Stone embedded in the ground we found at Gossamer. It marks the intersection of several Spirit Lines.

 Above is the Spirit Keeper's circle we constructed. An oblong stone circle about 80-100 feet in diameter on the middle trail at Gossamer; in fact part of it covers the trail. Yes, Yes bad feng shui to have such an intersection--but it keeps the circle true and forces people to walk through it, as they walk the trail.

 Another view of the Spirit Keeper's Circle. It contains the Spirit Keeper's Stone with the vortex on it.

When we meditated on it 4 to 5 skeins of geese flew overhead from different angles, all intersectimg above us over the Spirit Keeper's Circle. We took it as a blessing and positive affirmation.


By the time we got to Hipp Brook in Penfield (SE of Rochester)  it was raining pretty hard, the wind was blowing and the temp dropping ahead of the blizzard to come.

A map dowsing of Hipp Brook a few weeks earlier showed that a Field of Consciousness(FOC) (a stacked 6, S6) was located behind the bench on the trail. We had gotten permission to place a few flat prayer stones behind the bench as long as they were indistinguishable. I carried in four prayer stones. Since it is a marshy area, parts of the trail is on raised wooden planks. Hipp Brook is located in Penfield, one of the more affluent suburbs of Rochester. You will see houses in the background of several of the pictures.

When we got to the bench we found that there were stones already there: HUGE BOULDERS. 

Huge boulders which were strategically located over the Fields of Consciousness. The vibe was neutral at the periphery. Because we were so blissed out from Gossamer our sensitivity was diminished and we felt little.

 The Boulders behind the bench.

Several dowsing measurements showed that a FOC was below the boulders.

  • I dowsed a FOC (S6.)
  • We dowsed out a nearby Originator and the Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) originating from them.

When we walked to the center of the FOC we found that the vibe was positive to very positive there. A positive indication.

We found other FOC with boulders over them on the way out.

Another FOC with boulders.

Near the parking area there were boulders but not so connected to FOC. We also noticed several large stones on some of the houses in the neighborhood. WE assume that these had been moved by construction people.

Someone at the DEC said that the stones may have been placed by retreating glaciers. Possible. Although it is very odd to find such large boulders in a wet marshy area.

Given that the boulders appear to be placed over FOC I imagine it is the work of Spirit Keepers. I have never seen this before; usually it a few stones, a stone pile, an alignment of stones, etc.. Never boulders. But perhaps given the marshy area they choose to use such large stones. How did they move them?

I plan on going back in the next week to reexamine and verify my initial findings  when I am not so blissed out.


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