Sunday, November 6, 2016

Earth Healer’s Meeting, Tues., Nov 29, 6-8:45 Dewitt Community Library (Shoppingtown, Dewitt)

What: Earth Healer’s Meeting
When: Tuesday, November, 29th 6 PM to 8:45 PM 
Where: Dewitt Community Library’s  (Shoppingtown, Dewitt) Buckland Room

Purpose:To teach basic Earth Healing Techniques, go over past surveys and events, plan for future events, group meditation.

Schedule 6-6:30 Community Gathering/Practice Geomancy (Dowsing) Techniques, Instruction provided, please bring a pair of L-rods

6:30-7:30 PowerPoint Slide Presentation of Past Surveys (Hi Tor, Onondaga Lake, Serpent Mound, Swami Vivekananda's, Muller Hill,....) Group participation. 

7:30—8:00 Discuss plans for future surveys, plan meditation schedule for the winter.

8:00—8:30 group meditation—Developing your spiritual self will make you a better Earth Healer.

Earth Healing looks to heal Mother Earth by fortifying the special aspects of Her unseen body—Ley Lines, Chakras, Imprints….etc. We (humankind) need Mother Earth to achieve our fullest potential and She needs us to achieve Hers. When we work with Her we create new births—vortices, a thin veil, water domes…. By strengthening Her She is better able to provide nourishment our Souls and in the process helping us  with our individual and collective spiritual transformation.

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