Thursday, November 3, 2016

Keeper's Work at Muller

I went to Muller Hill the day after Halloween to do some Keepers Work; physically and spiritually clean a sacred space. A Keeper was one that watched over and maintained the divinity and integrity of a sacred space. I lasted posted on my Keeper's Work at Muller Hill last April.

A lot of branches had fallen down since my last visit and needed to be cleaned up. One large limb had fallen on the entryway to The Glen confusing me where to enter. 

 On the trail to the Glen.

I found the above large flat stone buried under several inches dirt and moss in a boggy like area with no other stones in the most powerful Fields of Consciousness in the Glen. I immediately thought it may have been a prayer stone, or even a Spirit Keeper's stone. There was no vortex above it to indicate people meditated/prayed/did ceremony above it. The vibe above did not answer any questions as the whole area is very positive.

Pepper on the Holy Ridge.

I had to move these branches that were on one of the natural vortices on the Holy Ridge.

Jaida Bear and Pepper in front of the stone on the berm I meditated on, in the Holy Ridge. I wondered why here?--but then I realized that a vortex is about to form there,  one of   many more natural vortices ready to blossom on the Holy Ridge.

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