Monday, November 21, 2016

End is Nigh--Biodiveristy and Extreme Coherence

I listened to an interesting interview of Arthur Demarest on Bloomberg today, Odd Lots: Here Are the Signs That a Civilization Is About to Collapse

While it seems odd to have a post about the end of western civilization on a blog dedicated to Mother Earth and sacred sites, if you listen to the interview it is evident, it is not. Demarest is an expert on the collapse of the Mayan and other cultures. He says that Trump is a symptom, not the cause of our demise. He argues that what made a civilization successful, also brings its demise. He sees business and technology at the forefront of our fall; both which are also at the forefront of the assault on Mother Earth, as I have been writing about for some time.

The really interesting similarity came with what Demarest calls, "extreme coherence", or a myopic focus on one thing. For example, its all about business, making money, business news etc.....nothing else matters except serving the god of greed.......  or....Its all about new gadgets, new apps., technology will save the day...etc. Diversity wanes and goes extinct.

Extreme Coherence reminded me of E O Wilson's talk about the loss of biodiversity, as I posted about a few weeks back. Species are dying and we are becoming less diverse, more coherent and in the process Nature is failing in those areas.

The End is Nigh.

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