Friday, September 22, 2017

Sacred Sites Update, The Ledges--Stone Mound with Water Lines and Natural (Energy) Vortex--Amazing

Peter Shell and I finished up the survey of the Ledges Area of H igh Tor NYS DEC Forest yesterday. We will go back again and recheck and verify our original findings. We have completed photographing and marking up all of the stone mounds in the Ledges Area.

I am writing to tell you about an amazing stone mound we found close to the Welcome Circle. Staffs below mark Energy Lines and where the yellow tape breaks from an Energy Line is part of an Earth Chakra and its vortex is directly above.

 Staffs mark only a few of the many Energy Lines that cut through (intersect) the stone circle. We have opted out of showing all the Energy Lines because the photos become too busy and it is near impossible to catalogue all the Energy Lines. Call it one of the lessons we learned during our survey.

This is the only double dimpled, or hollowed out centered stone mound. Pepper (white dog) is in the larger indented area and just above and to the right of orange seat cushion is the smaller indented area. Again yellow tape indicates an Earth Chakra.

What is interesting is just to the left of the picture above (outside of it) is a large boulder pictured below. This is the largest boulder we found in any of the stone mounds. Several Energy Lines (10), sticks with yellow tape are Energy Lines that intersect at the boulder. See below.

What is so interesting about this mound?

All that has formed around it--that's what's special about it. In other words. things have manifest, been created since the mound was built. These structures, or features, where created through the prayers, ceremony, rituals, meditations and good thoughts of visiting pilgrims.

A Natural (Energy) Vortex--The orange cushion marks a natural vortex of what I call Cosmic Prana; it is the prana/energy we attract when we meditate/pray or do good things, or have positive thoughts. It nourishes your soul and raises your consciousness.

It is separate from the vortices of the Earth Chakras. As I noted in Vortices and Spirals when we love, give, heal, practice ahimsa... Mother Earth may bless us with a natural vortex.

It is a wonderful soul nourishing gift from our Mother. A very positive sign and strong indication that the mound was used for spiritual purposes.

Two Water Lines--The white staffs mark water lines, or water veins; underground water flowing below the surface of the Earth. They begin underneath the boulder. You cannot find them on the other side of the boulder.

In fact, I strongly belief that they, like the vortex, were also created from the prayers and rituals of visiting pilgrims.

Ever since my survey of the Whangtown Stone Chambers I have taken a greater interest in looking for water lines when surveying sacred sites. I have also reread Sig Lonegren's book Spiritual Dowsing and his website, Mid-Atlantic Geomancy; as well as Tom Graves', Needles of Stone Revisited

Water Lines are a good historical marker for sacredness.

Amazing to think that fresh water can be drawn, and even created, through right living and spiritual practices. 

Wow. We have the ability to create soul nourishing energy vortices and life sustaining water through our actions and intentions.

Mother Earth is Amazing!

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