Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Part I High Tor Labor Day 2017--The Large Dimpled Mound and more

Visiting and experiencing High Tor NYS DEC Forest Labor Day Weekend is a tradition that dates back to when I  first discovered the sacred mounds there ten years ago on a Labor Day Weekend. Soon after I began my Clarks Gully Blog. This past Labor Day Monday I took advantage of the beautiful weather to maintain that wonderful tradition.

I wanted  to explore Brink Hill and choose the parking area along Parish Hill Road up from Rt. 245 as my entry point, mostly because I had not entered from that access point before. So the area was some what unexplored. Originally I wanted to investigate the gully, but unfortunately got a very late start owing that I chose to drive to Lisle to pick up spring water first.

Instead I chose to hike up and take another look at the large dimpled mound we found last year, Brink Hill, Memorial Day 2016, Part 2. Given that we believe it is thousands of years old it has held up remarkably well. 

Our survey of the Ledges area on South Hill has given me a better appreciation of the significance and detail put into constructing the stone mounds. In essence  it has given me a new perspective and in a way I am looking at things with a new set of eyes (or heart.)

The mound covers numerous Earth Chakras and Energy Lines.

 The Stone Mound is massive- oblong shaped about 45-60' by 35-50' and about 3-4 feet in height at its highest point.
 In the upper center you can see my trekking poles which are in the hollowed out center. My orange seat cushion on the rocks above next to the poles show that the hollowed out center is about 2 1/2 feet deep. Leaves and debris over the millennia have built upon the floor bed and I imagine that the hollowed out center was much deeper at the time of its creation.

 My trekking poles show the dimpled center to be about 8' across.

My Trekking poles could not reach across the the length of the hollowed out center. I estimate it to be about 10' in length.

The large flat stone appears to be a prayer seat where pilgrims would sit to experience all of the prana/Life Force/chi/orgone permeating the ether as it tries to get into the vortex of the Earth Chakras.

Another Prayer Seat was found at the other end of the hollowed out center.

Again, one the lessons learned from our survey of the Ledges is the intricacy of the stone mounds and the effort made to emphasize aspects of Mother Earth's Energy Body and its parts such as Energy Lines.

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