Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Part II High Tor Labor Day 2017--The Large Dimpled Mound and more

Since I had poked and prodded on my way to the large dimpled mound I did not have much time left before nightfall. I decided to head back towards the Finger Lakes Trail. On the way up my dowsing rods had indicated that there were some stone mounds closeby; but found nothing.

As I walked to the Finger Lakes Trail I picked up some beer cans. Soon my rods where indicating a covered Earth Chakra and stone mounds up ahead. If you are unfamiliar with Earth Chakras or have not read my previous posts see my YouTube video--Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation - YouTube

I was very pleased to find the following; a large stone covering an Earth Chakras and marked Energy Lines, several Manitou Stones, and upright Stones.

A large Prayer Stone (boulder) covers an Earth Chakra, Its vortex is located below the boulder at the intersection of my Trekking pole. My Trekking Poles mark the two Energy Lines in the ground below that whisk away the Life Force/Prana/Chi/ Orgone.
 Pepper is lying in the hole, or indention next to the Prayer Stone covering the Earth Chakra.

Notice how the path Energy Line emanating from the Earth Chakra below the Prayer Stone are marked with stone.
 Again stones mark the other Energy Line.

Wow. A Manitou Stone Marks the intersection of two Energy Lines (Trekking Poles) close to the Prayer Stone covering the Earth Chakra.

 About 75-100 feet away from the Prayer Stone marking the intersection of numerous Energy Lines.  My trekking poles trace out two of them. Look closely and you may be able to make out a few tiny upright stones marking the Energy Lines.

My poles trace out a few of the many other Energy Lines intersecting at the  large stone.

It was getting close to dark and I had to move fast to get back to my car.

It was a great thing and learned much.

I would like to thank Janice Carr and particularly photographer Peter Shell who has been with me for every survey of the Ledges--concentrating, contorting his body to get the best angle and waiting for the right light to take photos. In a way they pushed me, and challenged me to learn more about the stone mounds that we were photographing--the detail, the skill, knowledge and love put into creating them.

Secondly, it was not until I started to clean up the area and big up beer cans that I found the stone structures pictured above. Coincidence? Hardly!. There is a protocol for visiting sacred sites that I talk about in several places in Sacred Sites in North Star Country. I strongly encourage you to read it. Don't be like a busload of foreign tourists with cameras in hand photographing everything. Imagine waking up and finding people traipsing your home with cameras in hand snapping everything in sight. How would you feel?

As you can tell I am not an advocate for going on a hunt for Nature Spirits. Let them be, they will be in touch if they like. Don't be like a foreign tourist!!!!

My journey did not end there. For several hours after I went I tried to go to sleep I had wild and colorful visions when I closed my eyes. In fact my first few hours of sleep where anything but restful as the energy and consciousness of HIgh Tor nourished me with all sorts of delights.

Before I went to sleep I was reading Michael Harner's The Way of the Shaman. Perhaps I was influenced by his description of the visions he had after ingesting Guayusa (an exotic Ecuadorian tea), kailua,ayahuasca,,,,

But I had ingested nothing, no exotic foods/drugs/poisons.  It was nothing but Mother Earth's Energies and essences and the imprints of the many who have been coming to sacred High Tor for millennia. It was that what gave me such wonderful experiences--no chemicals were necessary.

I encourage you all to visit High Tor and experience its bounty. At some point my work will be recognized the solitude of this divine place will be lost. So visit soon.

I leave you with my description of High Tor in Sacred Sites in North Star Country;

Imagine if you could go back in time 2,000, or even 3,000 years, or more, to when the mound builders inhabited much of the Eastern United States. Imagine if you could visit one of their sacred sites and feel the charged atmosphere of their spiritual practices as you sat next to one of their mounds. Can you feel the chills running up and down your spine as you cry for a vision and tap into the collective consciousness of the thousands that have been here centuries before you? Feel their thoughts, as they help elevate your consciousness, bring you closer to the Great Spirit, open up lines of communication to other worlds, and give you visions while healing you.” 

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