Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Consciousness Research with Halucingenics and Tripping Shamans Confirm Vortex Directional Spin

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One of the challenges when I was writing Vortices and Spirals a few years ago was to verify the directional spin of energy vortices. This is the most important distinquishing feature of an energy vortex.

Positive Energy Vortices--spin clockwise in the Northern Hemsishpere and counter-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.


Negative Energy Vortices--spin counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is because of the earth spin and is called the coriolis effect.

Fortunately I was able to contact Alanna Moore of Geomantica, who at the time was still living in Australia. She confirmed that positive vortices spin counter-clockwsise in the Southern Hemisphere, and negative ones spin clockwise.

In researching my upcoming book, Adena Ceremonial Sites,  I have been listening to a lot of Graham Hancock Videos on YouTube, Yesterday I was listening  to the following recent post, 

Graham Hancock Solves the Greatest Puzzles in Human History [FULL VIDEO]

Graham has done a lot excellent work on showing how archaeology, science and history is wrong; and that there were ancient cultures in existence long before what we currently believe.

In this video Graham talks about the research done by western scientists to study altered states of consciousness using drugs such as LSD, psylocibin etc. He notes that the forms people see in early stages of altered states are very similar and are called Entoptic Phenomena. 

In the chart below he compares the Entoptic Phenonma of western volunteers, the set of forms on top to the forms seen by shamans in South America on the hallucenagenic Ayahuasca, forms on the bottom.

So on top we have the forms people that people see on hallucinogenics in the Northern Hemisphere; versus on the bottom for shamans on hallucinogenics in the southern hemisphere.

Notice the spiral on top--northern hemisphere--spins clockwise, it is a positive evergy vortex.

The spiral on the bottom--southern hemisphere--spins counterclockwise, it is a positive energy vortex.

So both groups have visions of positive energy vortices and because of where they live have different directional spins.

Very, very interesting to this dowser.

We got it right.


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