Friday, November 17, 2017

Gossamer Wood (Canandaigua, NY) Visit Tuesday

The weather forecast for Tuesday is sunny with a high in the low 50's. If you would like to go to Gossamer on Tuesday please email me. If enough people are interested we will go.

Gossamer Wood is listed on pages 325 to 323 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country. Come spring we will initiate an effort to purchase the 9 acres and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy.

The grounds of Gossamer are dedicated to Mother Earth, particularly to Fields of Consciousness (FOC.) The trail system meanders through FOC as high as S12 (the highest), other divine aspects of Mother Earth, healing places, a Spirit Keeper’s (pre Iroquois culture) site and numerous vortices. Hundreds of flat stones and stone structures, where people have prayed, or meditated, are located on the grounds to guide you to the ‘hot spots’, for lack of a better world. The vibe runs from very positive, to extremely positive. It is a very powerful place that will raise your consciousness and nourish your soul. It is one of the top places listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

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