Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vigil at Gobind Sadan in memory of the arson that burned down tehtemple 15 Years Ago

From Ralph Singh of Gobind Sadan, You will have a chance afterwards to meditate in the powerful meditation center.

“Gathering around the Light” – a Prayer Vigil to overcome the hatred and stop the violence
Saturday, November 18th
4 p.m.
Gobind Sadan, USA
Graves Road
Central Square, NY

On the 16th anniversary of the post 9-11 arson attack on Gobind Sadan, USA, we invite the community to join in a memorial vigil “Gathering Around the Light” at 4:00 p.m. around the flag pole which marks the site where in the midst of the fires of hatred, our holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, did not burn.  In case of inclement weather the event will be held in the meditation center.

The Meditation Room is an incredibly powerful place that will not only  raise your consciousness (it sits on a stacked 12 Field of consciousness-the strongest)  but can help improve your meditation; because you will be soaking up the imprints of the long time meditators. 

In a defining moment, instead of further stoking the fires of hatred, we went public with a powerful statement of forgiveness which brought the broader community together and began the healing process for both the arsonists and the community.

At this time when anger and hatred is leading to more senseless acts of violence we will join together to offer prayers so the light can once more overcome the darkness.

Following the vigil everyone is invited to join the Gobind Sadan community in their devotional service followed by our traditional community meal.

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