Saturday, March 24, 2018

Part III Stonewall/Ohiopyle Survey--The Earthen Mound

At the entrance to Stonewall Jackson Park along Rte 19 is an earthen mound. There is speculation about whether it was manmade, or natural. I believe it was manmade. The edges of the flat top cover Earth Chakras. In other words if I wanted to built an earthen mound over Earth Chakras this is what it would look like. Secondly, there is a water dome underneath the earthen mound indicating that the area was used for ceremonial purposes.

I took the Overlook Trail to get there.

Objects--my coat and staff--mark Earth Chakras 

The orange seat cushion marks a water dome.

Part IV Stonewall/Ohiopyle Survey--Ohiopyle State Park

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