Saturday, March 24, 2018

Part IV Stonewall Ohiopyle Survey--Ohiopyle State Park

March 20, 2018 the first day of spring and I ran into a blizzard. I left just south of  Morgantown, WVA with heavy rain. By the time I got to Ohiopyle Sate Park in southwestern PA snow was forming and beginning to stick, especially as I climbed in altitude. 

There were two primary areas I looked at. Both very nice and impressive.

The first was a grouping of mounds. The majority of the mounds were stone piles with no particular form or structures. A  few were located on Earth Chakras and had hallowed out centers which were more than 2 feet deep. They were in incredible shape and the pictures do not do them justice. Arguably they were more cylindrical in shape than a stone mound, or rock pile.

Although the snow limited my ability to see it was clear that much detailed was applied to the stone mounds. In the picture above my staffs mark a manitou stone marking the intersection of 2 Energy Lines.

You can see several snow covered snow mounds in the picture above.

Part V Stonewall/Ohiopyle Survey--Ohiopyle State Park

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