Saturday, March 24, 2018

Part V Stonewall/Ohiopyle Survey--Ohiopyle State Park

The other sacred area of Ohiopyle State Park(PA) I surveyed contained two large stone mounds (10-15 feet in diameter) with large hollowed out centers that straddled a dirt road on a mountaintop. The vibe in the center areas was very positive--very nice. While the snow was piling up I could discern several supporting stones marking Energy Lines.

I was told that the view was spectacular. I imagine it was. I was able to capture it. The ridge upon which the stone mounds were located was narrow with steep sides. The wind from the blizzard was brutal and I had to cover my ears to keep from getting frostbite.

These were the stone mounds that piqued my interest and motivated to put this trip together.  Check out these beauties,

Courtesy Jim Shaulis
Courtesy of Jim Shaulis
In the pictures above you can catch some of the view in the horizon. I imagine that pilgrims would do ceremony, meditate or just take in the majesty of place. Very Nice. 

Interesting that the hollowed out center was so large compared to other stone mounds. Usually when you find such a large dimpled area it is because of all the Earth Chakras (EC)--both large mounds only had 1 EC each; or all of the Energy Lines. Which makes me wonder was this circle used more for community like activities.

Here are my snowy versions.
My staff in 1 ft increments show the hollowed out center to be almost 3 feet deep. I imagine it was originally much deeper as leaves and other debris over the millennia have raised its floor.

A manitou stone just outside of the stone cairns. Staffs mark 2 Energy Lines intersecting  at the Manitou Stone.

The other stone mound

The other stone is in the upper side of the picture slightly to the right

Thanks to Jim Shaulis and Bruce King for braving the weather and driving on challenging dirt roads covered with  6 inches of snow and showing me the mounds .

I regret I did not have better conditions to observe the stone mounds at Ohiopyle. I also regret I did not have time to spread tobacco to show respect and honor the sacred stone mounds; or meditate while there. I did say a few prayers.

Ohiopyle(PA) like Stonewall Jackson (WVA) is an incredible place. The mounds have some of the best form I have found. The vibe was very positive in the center of the depressed mounds. There was ancillary supporting stones and I imagine much more to explore there.

It was a whirlwind 3 day trip. I had a great time and learned a lot. My knowledge of Early Woodland ceremonial sites has certainly expanded. 

Blessings to the great souls that constructed all the stone mounds, standing stone, Manitou stones, platform stones and the wonderful vibe at the stone mounds (stone cairns) at Stonewall Jackson Resort (WVA) and Ohiopyle State Park (PA.) Thank you.

madis senner

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