Thursday, August 15, 2019

Climate Change the Heat is On

A few weeks back I posted an article on how rising temperatures from Climate Change would drive migration north in America.Climate Change is Driving Migration North  I mention this because the Washington Post had an interesting article on temperature changes in America,

The article points out that the much ballyhooed 2° threshold marking the point of no return has already been achieved in many parts of America. To make its case it talked about Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey that used to export ice blocks in the 1890's now has ice so thin that it is dangerous to walk on in the dead of winter.

What was also interesting was a graph showing the areas that have heated up dramatically since 1895. In a way it is a bit of contrast to the graph in my post that shows America's southeast getting scorched. But it should be pointed out we are talking about the future and the southeast is already pretty warm. So while northern Minnesota has heated up a lot since 1895 it  started from a much lower base.

Further America's northeast, the area that argued would benefit from climate change, has been heating up fast as the picture below shows. However, again the northeast is still a lot colder than the southeast, particularly areas like the Thousand Islands region, along the St. Lawrence Rive north of Lake Ontario.

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