Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sacred Sites Update--Temple Concord, Syracuse, NY

Unfortunately, another sacred space with Fields of Consciousness (FOC), Temple Society of Concord, will be going into private hands. Temple Concord is listed on page 197 of Sacred Sites. It is also part of the  Prophetic Ley (Line) that connects several of Syracuse's social justice oriented places of worship.

Since the Temple will be turned into student housing I image people will continue to have access the part of the FOC that is located outside the Temple.

The Syracuse Post Standard had an op-ed today about why this historic building needs to be preserved. You can access the article by clicking on,
Weigh beauty, history in deciding future of Temple Concord (Editorial short take)

The FOC extends outside of the Temple on its right side in this old picture below. I image that people will be able to access this part of the FOC after it becomes student housing. SAD.

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MsMoRogers said...

I synchronistically was brought to you and your book and now blog. I am EXTREMELY intrigued with the wealth of information you have on these subjects. I would love to meet or speak with you at you convenience. I checked Amazon for your Sacred Sites book and it is unavailable. Are they no longer in print? I was born and raised in Seneca Falls. I am on quite the spiritual journey which led me to you. If you feel called to do so, please contact me. Mo Rogers ✌️♥️🙋