Friday, August 2, 2019

Onondaga Lake--Would you Swim in this Lake

There is a wonderful article, WOULD YOU SWIM IN ONONDAGA LAKE?,  by Richelle Brown in the current issue of Syracuse Peace Counci'l's Newsletter July/August 2019 PNL #867

With the county wanting to open up a section of the Willow Bay area of Onondaga Lake Park, the article reminds us that Onondaga Lake is a closed industrial landfill

The sewage and toxic chemicals were never removed from the lake, but were covered up. It is pathetic and sad that such a half-a)&?#ed approach would be taken. Further, the cap, or cover, covering the deadly chemicals on the lake's bottom has slipped off several occasions.

Sadly, one of the holiest places in the world has been treated with such disrespect.


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rp stewart said...

Most unfortunately the easy answer to that question is a resounding NO I will not.