Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Father Sky powering an energy formation on Mother Earth

Below is a remarkable  picture showing a beam of light shining into the earth.

It was taken by Kathy Sindoni at Young Living's farm in Mona, Utah just outside of Salt lake city.  Kathy's friend, and fellow dowser, Peter Shell forwarded it to me. You may remember a few years back that Peter photographed our survey of the Ledges Area of South Hill and captured some incredible pictures of fairies (.Another Pixie or Faery in Peter Shell's Pictures from the Ledges Area?)

My dowsing shows that the light is being used to fuel an energy formation in our Mother that is primarily oval/circular in shape with some distinctive attachments.

What is so Amazing About the Picture
Intake The picture shows the Energy/Light going into the structure. I have never seen a picture of Energy/Light flowing into one of our Mother's parts. Pretty Amazing.

It also answers a question I have had for years about how structures like the one above are powered. Previously I had thought that the intake was larger, encompassing a larger swath.

Father Sky Clearly, the heavens above power aspects of Mother Earth. But is  there a larger   structure above us, that is powering it? or is more like lightning striking tellurics (what Feng Shui calls dragon lines) in the earth that power the Schumman Resonance, what many call the our Mother's heartbeat.

Healing  The structure being powered is a master energy/force/light that can be therapeutic. We know of similar at places like Lourdes, France, Chimayo New Mexico, Giza, Egypt.......Not necessarily the exact same type of structures, but very similar.

Energy,Light, or? We are so used to talking about energy--but energy is usually coarse (lower consciousness) essences. This is something of much more higher order.

Like Attracts Like It should not be a surprise that a farm for healing oils would be attracted to a formation of our Mother that can heal.


Thanks to Kathy for sharing.

Feel free to distribute the above to friends. If you want to use the above information for a book, or other printed material, you will need permission.