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Another Pixie or Faery in Peter Shell's Pictures from the Ledges Area?

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This past summer photographer Peter Shell helped me catalogue the many stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor NYS DEC Forest. While we were scouring Peter's pictures for an article for Ancient America he came across the following picture.

What is it? A pixie, fairy, or just an aberration?

In Peter's picture above (stone mound #13) on the upper left hand side next to a sapling you can see a white burst in the shape of a dragon fly with large wings. On the lower right hand side in the stone mound you see another bright light in the shape of the circle.

Many of Peter's photos and mine as well had orbs in them. Which I attribute to earth energies most of the time. The one bright light in the shape of a dragonfly with large wings makes we wonder whether Peter had captured a Nature Spirit; a pixie, or fairy. A rare feat. Bravo Peter.

Stone Mound #19

What is even more interesting about this picture is that this is not the first time I and Peter captured a similar form at another stone mound #19. See below.

I had posted about this back on July 13, 2017,Tiny Faeries, Elementals--What are They?

This new find by Peter raises a whole host of questions, such as;

  • If these are pixies, or fairies were they with us for our survey the whole time? Does that mean that we were only able to capture them a few times?
  • At both mounds them bright lights came in distinct pairs; is that a couple, or how they travel?
  • Who or what are they? The fact that we captured two distinct images at two different stone mounds means that they are something beyond earth energies.
  • Other?
High Tor Update
High Tor is an incredible place, most notably the Ledges Area. When Peter and I were at the Ledges for our last shoot I found that a Vortex Ring, a precursor to the formation of an Energy Vortex, is trying to form in the Welcome Circle. You can see a picture of a group meditation we had there this summer at, Sacred Sites Update--High Tor's Ledges, Our Survey Continues
The NYS DEC is opening up a public comment period for High Tor's future use. We would like to get extra protections put on the stone mounds, such as registering them in National Register of Historic Places. You will hear more about this as we are researching whether this can even be done. We will be creating an informative website and will post about this when we do.
I finally found the four tiered mound at High Tor with an energy vortex and more. It snowed before I could go back and meditate in it.
High Tor is such a mystical place with powerful imprints that can well up all sorts of mystical experiences.

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