Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Technology Kills--Consortium of Child Advocates asks Facebook to delete Messenger for Kids.

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (a coalition of Childhood advocates) sent an open letter to Mark Zuckenberg asking him to shut down Facebook's Messenger for Kids. Citing that kids are not old enough to properly discern what they are doing; and that the use of digital technology causes serious problems for youth:

  • Increased levels of depression
  • Less satisfaction with life.
  • Makes them more unhappy.
  • Causes young girls to have false models, or the idolizing  of extreme thinness.
  • Increased addiction to their phones.
They noted that Facebook is not filling a need but creating one and having kids spend more time on social media. They were concerned that Facebook had recently been found spreading fake news and false narratives with the presidential election; and that kids are even more vulnerable for fake news and advertisers.
Below is a CBS morning show video on the letter.
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