Friday, January 19, 2018

Earth Healers Meeting January 20th, 11 AM Dewitt Library

Earth Healers Gathering

When:  Saturday, January 20th, 11 AM 

Talk: Climate Change and Caring for Mother Earth, Signs of the times and the challenge for the next generation.

Speaker: Pete Wirth from the Climate Change Awareness and Action

WhereDewitt & Jamesville Library, 5110 Jamesville Rd, Dewitt, NY 


Anyone who has ever attended an environmental action in CNY whether it be an Earth Day Celebration or listening to Bill McKibben speak  has been touched by and probably seen Pete Wirth. He was one of the organizers of Climate Change Awareness and Action, a local environmental organization focusing on the challenge presented by climate change.

Pete added solar panels to his home in 2012 and is working to transition his home to "net zero." Others may know Pete from his organizing work for the Westcott Bulb Giveaway.

Geomancy/Dowsing instruction; we will begin with an informal teaching/practice of how to use dowsing rods (L-rods) to find Ley Lines. Several of us will be providing personal instruction. We will have Dowsing Rods (L-rods)  for you to use and buy for a donation thanks to Tim Hart if you don't own a pair.

Talk: Climate Change & Caring for Mother Earth. Signs of the times and the challenge for the next generation. Pete will give a 30-45 minute talk.



---Gossamer Wood Healing and Retreat Center in Canandaigua, Update on our Effort to buy the land and  create a sacred preserve.
-- High Tor, NYS DEC Forest's Stone Mounds, NYS DEC is going to open up a one year comment period on future use of the state forest.
--Gobind Sadan, Visit, or potential talk location.
---Set Up Field Trip--Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center, Canandaigua, NY. 
---Open Discussion--Questions, suggstions, input,...

Group Meditation if time allows

Who we are
Earth Healers looks to educate about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth. To teach how to connect with Her and how to heal Her, through hands on experience.  

Our goal is to help people become stewards of the Earth. To empower them so that they have the knowledge to discern injuries and abuses done to our Mother Earth and how to heal them. Hopefully to become Keepers and watch over a particular place.

We are always interested in learning from others that love our Mother and how they approach and work with Her. If you are interested in speaking to our group, or want to suggest someone with a unique approach please email us motherearthprayers(at) 

Given the surging MeToo Movement we are particularly interested in hearing from an Ecofeminist who believes that the struggle for Women's Rights is tied the struggle for Environmental Justice and saving our Mother.

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