Sunday, January 14, 2018

Conference call with the American Society of Dowsers


I will be on a conference call with the American Society of Dowsers this Tuesday evening. It is open to all.

  Join us for this hour-long telephone conversation 
Tuesday Evening, January 16, 2018
8 PM (Eastern Time)
Free Conference Call
Number: (712) 775-7035
Participant Code:  436564#
Using Dowsing to Connect to Mother Earth: Geomancy and Sacred Sites
Author Madis Senner, will lead a discussion on Geomancy and Sacred sites and how dowsing can improve your connection to Mother Earth and hasten your spiritual transformation.  "There is something unique to the land that fosters transformation."  Learn about this, and where to go to tap into it, to elevate your consciousness, or make a better world.

Madis believes that there is nothing harmful or detrimental about Mother Earth. He looks to shatter falsehoods and myths that surround our Mother, such as that the intersection of 3 water veins is detrimental to your health-it may be, but it has nothing to do with our Mother as Madis will explain. Madis has been sleeping over the intersection of 4 water veins (pictured below) for 20 years and he is not dead and has never had cancer as the naysayers would have you believe.  Mother Earth is our Mother and nurtures and loves us, there is nothing negative about Her.

Madis will talk about his Ley Line Project to bring legitimacy to dowsing.  See more
Madis is a former money manager turned seeker. He has been scouring greater New York State for Sacred Sites for over 15 years.  He is a Keeper (watches over, maintains and spiritually enhances) for several sacred sites. He is a member of the ASD and Finger Lakes Dowsers and has presented at the conference on several occasions.  Madis is the author of Sacred Sites in North Star CountryVortices and Spiralsand The Way Home: Making Heaven on Earth, available through the ASD Bookstore.

He has written numerous articles for the ASD Digest, Wisdom Magazine, the New York Times, and others.  You can read his musings at:  
Watch his many YouTube Videos on Mother Earth on his YouTube Channel

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184 Brainerd Street , PO BOX 24, Danville, VT 05828

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Bonnie said...

Great work, Madis! I look forward to your ASD presentation on Tuesday night. I hope to see you this Thursday at the Finger Lakes Meeting in Syracuse.