Sunday, January 21, 2018

Outdoor Cushions on Sale at Dicks

Dicks sporting goods, located throughout the northeast, has outdoor cushions on sale. Hunters and fishermen sit on them to keep themselves warm and provide a dry place to sit on. It is the same for Earth Healers. 

I encourage you to buy one, not only to have a seat when in the woods, but to use them as a meditation cushion at home as well. They retain the imprints of your prayers and mediation and make an imprint that grows stronger with increased prayers; thereby facilitating future meditations and making them deeper.

Buy a clip for a dollar and attach it to the cushion so that you clip it to your belt loop when you walk around in the woods.

Make it your permanent meditation cushion that you use at home.

Field & Stream Heat-A-Seat Hunting Cushion

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