Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review of Vortices and Spirals from The American Society of Dowsers Digest

Vortices and Spirals: Unlocking the Mystery
Of Our Dynamic Relationship with Mother Earth
Madis Senner
Mother Earth Press, Syracuse, NY: 2015
                     ISBN 978-0-9908744-0-9
                     Available at the ASD Bookstore,
                     and online at www.dowsers.org

Reviewer: Suzanne S. Kotcher

            This paperback edition of Madis Senner’s newest book contains 11 chapters (148 pages) of text with 25 helpful illustrations, plus 37 pages of Chapter Notes, Appendix, Glossary, 6 pages of Bibliography and an Index. 

            The author grew up in Syracuse, NY, but spent 21 years in New York City – most of that time working on Wall Street – before returning to the Syracuse area.  In the summer of 2002, after conducting prayer ceremonies around Onondaga Lake, he met dowser David Yarrow, who taught him about ley (energy) lines and how to dowse for them. Madis' specialty and emphasis is on Mother Earth and her subtle body (energy fields).  He dowses for the Earth's chakras, ley lines, vortices, and what he calls Fields of Consciousness where many ley lines intersect, and shares his knowledge in Vortices and Spirals.
            I find this book to be very interesting, informative and easy to read.  I particularly enjoy the way Madis explains clearly, offers many examples and proceeds in a step-by-step manner.  He starts with an explanation of an energy vortex and the use of dowsing tools, particularly L-rods.  From there he moves to consciousness and how our thoughts are the most elemental vortices, which can culminate in complex energy vortices.  He describes energy vortices and spirals in great detail – what they are, how they are formed and their relationship to and formation in Mother Earth.  Madis also discusses samskaras, imprints, talismans and pranas.

            Madis describes how these energetic phenomena affect humanity and the Earth.  Included is how prana from natural vortices relates to healing ability and well-being.  He also discusses negative vortices and how they are detrimental to health and well-being.  Towards the end, Madis details how to dowse for vortices, how to create our own, and how we can work with the energy from vortices and our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth.

            This book is an excellent reference for all energy workers or dowsers.  It can also be informative for those who just want to know more about Mother Earth and her amazing attributes. 

            Madis Senner has been associated with the Finger Lakes Dowsers in the Syracuse area since 2006.  He has been a presenter at ASD Conventions several times and has written numerous articles for the ASD Digest over the years.  In 2011, he gave a talk at the Annual Convention and set up a field exhibit of earth chakras, plotting them out with tape. In 2014, Madis started a publishing business, Mother Earth Press.  He is now focused on marketing and writing more books.  (See his article,      on page   )

            Suzanne Kotcher, currently the President of the Finger Lakes Chapter of ASD in Syracuse, NY, is a Special Education Teacher, Dowser, Marconics I & II Practitioner, Reiki Master and Practitioner, avid reader and Spiritual Seeker.

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