Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sacred Site Listing Changes

Please be aware several of the sites listed on Places of Prayer in Mother in Mother Earth's Soul are no longer accessible, or open to the public.  So please check with the location before visiting.

The following are few of the changes:
Spirit House in Georgetown NY is in private hands.

Poland's Nature Preserve in Poland NY; The Nature preserve was  donated to the Poland School system specifically for use as a public space. They decided to sell the land. When I spoke to the business manager he told they contacted the family of the deceased school employee to get approval.  I don't understand how this is possible; land donated for a specific purpose, public use--SOLD?.

The Peacemakers' Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake; the bench has been removed and the space has  become overgrown.  It is still accessible, while the vortex has unfortunately dissipated the space still has an incredible vibe. ENJOY.
I am trying to get the space physically refurbished.

The Tree of Peace at Onondaga Lake: the stones surrounding where the Tree of Peace was planted have been removed.

My book Sacred Sites in North Star Country due out spring of 2016 will have an expanded and up to date listing of sacred sites in the heart of Mother Earth's Soul.

So please check before visiting sites, particularly those not on public lands.

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