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Transcending Time--Published Summer of 2014 American Society of Dowsers Digest

Transcending Time
By Madis Senner
The following is from Vortices and Spirals; Unlocking the Mystery of Our Dynamic Relationship with Mother Earth due out 2015.
We have a dynamic and vital relationship with Mother Earth that goes far beyond the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Mother Earth nourishes us with a host of energies and essences that few know about let alone understand. She even nurtures our soul.
We also have a special bond with Mother Earth whereby we can co-create with her a new birth that benefits both her and humankind. One such bond is one I hold very dear--what dowsers call an energy vortex. Energy vortices are powerfully transformative, healing, and have a unique way of transcending time by connecting us to people in the past. To better understand this I would like to share with you an experience I had one summer. 
My years of meditating in the woods have made me sentient of Mother Earth and sensitive to the thought forms that cling to the land. Unfortunately much of the Earth is blanketed with negative thought forms that can give me a headache. When I left my home in upstate New York to speak at a conference in Vermont this particular summer, it did not take more than thirty minutes of driving on the New York State Thruway before my head began to hurt. Fortunately, when I arrived in Vermont I was able to find a campsite that was not cluttered with negative thoughts. 

The vibe at the conference center of this large ski resort was bad. After spending all day there I did not feel well so I decided to go for a hike and meditate in the woods. My intuition told me there was a particularly nice place nearby so I decided to use my dowsing rods to direct me. As I began climbing, my dowsing rods pointed to my right hand side--indicating my meditation location was in that direction. When I reached the ridge trail connecting several peaks, my rods pointed to the left, indicating I should take the trail.  Then they immediately returned to pointing to the right. When I climbed a small peak my rods went totally perpendicular. I followed my rods and turned right and walked off the trail, now my rods were pointing straight ahead. I continued walking until they opened up (180’) at a small semi-clearing near the edge of a steep drop off. This was the place I had been looking for.
I sensed there was something special about the place as it felt so good to be there. Indeed my dowsing rods indicated a positive energy vortex had formed in this spot as they spun around in a clockwise manner. This is called an energy vortex because energy spins around in a whirlpool-like pattern. Energy usually travels in straight lines, so vortices are something unique. I call them natural vortices because they form naturally in cooperation with Mother Earth from praying, meditating, selfless acts and positive intentions.
What may have once been a clearing with a spectacular view was now overgrown and blocked by several large trees. I surmised it was the once majestic view that attracted people to this mountaintop spot. Given the size of the trees, I estimated the vortex had formed at least a few hundreds years ago, and was created by the prayer and or ceremony of Native Americans. The vortex could have been much older and been reinvigorated by the continual praying of generations of Native Americans. There was no way of knowing for sure.
What mattered more than who created the vortex or its age, was it was very powerful. As soon as I began to meditate within it I could feel my subtle body being purged of the negative thought forms I had picked up the last few days. As I got deeper into trance I began to sense a variety of new and different sensations beyond my normal experiences during meditation. Seemingly, my soul was glowing and being nourished by the energy vortex. I was connecting with the vibe and being of those who helped form this wonderful vortex. That is the beauty of a natural vortex, it transcends time and carries forward the consciousness, intentions and aspirations of all those who helped create it.
I stayed there for forty-five minutes and would have remained longer if evening was not about to descend. Before I left I gave heartfelt blessings and thanks to those who had worked with Mother Earth to create such a divine structure. My meditation buoyed me for my talk the next day as well as the trip home.
During my morning meditation at home on Monday I realized how much I had been blessed by my experience on the mountaintop. Instead of having to work through the mental debris I normally acquire after traveling, I went immediately deep into trance. Because my subtle body and consciousness had been stretched in different ways, I felt fuller and more complete.
Natural vortices are like mother’s milk. Science tells us we build up immunity by being breast fed by our mother when we are young. Similarly, when we meditate in a natural vortex, we are fortified by the consciousness, thoughts and intentions of those who created it. Clearly my mountaintop meditation had nourished me with things I needed or lacked.
Some of my most powerful spiritual experiences have been within vortices at sacred spaces in the woods and in hidden and out of the way places. By meditating in one you will be gaining from the years of effort and experience of those who helped create it. In many ways you will be transcending time when you fuse with consciousness of those who created the vortex.                              

So get out your L-rods and begin exploring Mother Earth and sacred sites in your area. You should also consider visiting a local place of worship or a meditation center where people pray and meditate on a regular basis. Such places often have natural vortices form because of all the meditating done at them. Chances are you may find a natural vortex and if so sit down and meditate in it and be connected to the essence of those that helped create it. It will be a powerfully transformative experience.

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