Sunday, November 29, 2015

Technology Kills--CBS reports that computer tablets are damaging the brains of young children.

I believe as the great sages Shankara, Sri Aurobindo...taught that we live in a sea of consciousness. The world is nothing put the play of consciousness, because everything at it core is consciousness. Consciousness  has a morality, or call it an intention, associated with it that runs the continuum from being divine to being demonic ( Gita Chapter 16.) Everything lies along this continuum, like shades of grey; is it closer to being divine or demonic in nature?

As I explained in The Way Home technology's consciousness is negative in nature and lies closer to being demonic, than divine. The water wizard and environmentalist Viktor Schauberger taught, it (technology) "is based on destruction" and is not in harmony with, or works in cooperation with Mother Earth. He said it was a destructive force based upon explosion (rather than implosion) and  that it will lead to our destruction.

Technology damages humankind and Mother Earth in a multitude of ways, one of which CBS's Paula Poundstone reports in Electronics and Kids Brains Don't Mix.

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