Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Celebrate Worldwide Water Day

Today is worldwide Water Day. Give thanks today for  our Mother's precious gift of water. Perform a water ceremony. Donate to an organization looking to bring potable water to those lacking clean water. Here are a few to consider:

Water,org: Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon it has brought water to millions around the world.

Water for Humanity:Part of the American Society of Dowsers it has been helping people around the world for 23 years find and get clean water.

Earth Water Alliance: Formed by former members of the ASD and its Water For Humanity group. Most notably Steve Herbert, a former Peace Corp Volunteer who founded Water for Humanity.

Here is a clip from and interview founders Gary White and Matt Damon did with CBS this morning:
Matt Damon and Gary White on worldwide initiative for clean water

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