Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring--The Start of Outdoor Exploration--the BUSY SEASON Begins

The Spring Equinox has arrived. Daytime is now longer than night time. If there had not have been a blizzard last week there would have been almost no snow left on the ground. Now we have to wait awhile to go out in the woods. It won't be long before Mother Earth's circadian rhythms of wakefulness kick in.

For those interested in exploring sacred sites, or the woods in general, this is the time of the year for it,  and of course late Fall. Between now and the first and second weeks of May in the Northeast the trees will not have leaves giving you an unobstructed view of things. Late Fall does as well, but then much of the ground and stone structures are covered over with leaves. I remember a few years ago walking past a large stone mound in the Keepers Area of HI Tor and not noticing it because it was caked over with leaves.

This would be an excellent time to explore many of the places listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country such as Hi Tor, Muller Hill, Zoar Valley... Take your compass and go and explore... A time to take pictures. Enjoy.

This is also an excellent time for Earth Healers and Keepers to do their work; particularly if you are looking to clear or put in trails. Keepers can get a good perspective of the area that they are watching over and see what needs to cleared, picked up, etc.

I am hoping to get out soon and explore some new places that I have heard about. My next book will be on the Life Force and how ancients worked with it in their stone structures.

Hopefully your gear is in order. Make sure your boots are waterproofed as the land will be wet. I use Sno-seal--I actually like that it leaves a greasy coating on your boots. I was once told old-timers would put grease on their boots. Also were gaiters, I like the low-rise ones--to keep the ticks at bay and reduce the mud on your pants. Because the winter has not been harsh put a Suresto Collar on your dog. I put them on mine  in late February. Ticks are already out in force and will be wicked this summer.

Get out and Enjoy Yourself. The BUSY SEASON OF EXPLORATION IS UPON US!!!

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