Monday, March 20, 2017

Microfibers are choking Mother Earth and the little ones

Several organizations and news agencies of late have been reporting about the damaging effects of microfibers from artificial clothing such as yoga pants and fleece on Mother Earth and Her little ones. Tiny plastic fibers break off during washing and are leaking into the water system. Evidently water purification methods are not totally able to capture the microfibers during water treatment. Consequently  they are finding their way into the water system and ending up in the intestines of fish and shellfish.

Here are a few articles about the damaging affects of microfibers.

Greenpeace: What are microfibers and why are our clothes polluting the oceans?

Mother Nature Network:  Are your yoga pants polluting the oceans?
It isn't just bottles and microbeads that should worry you.

EcoWatch: Microfibers: The New Plastic Pollution That Threatens Our Waters

CBS YouTube Video:How microfibers in clothes are polluting our oceans

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