Monday, March 6, 2017

Technology Kills--Social Media Isolates us,making us lonely and decreasing our lifespan

Technology Kills: I have said it dozens of time on this blog before. A recent report noted how Social Media isolates us. In The Way Home, Making Heaven on Earth I went into detail describing how pernicious technology is. We live in a sea of consciousness and are ruled by our individual and collective thoughts. Technology's guiding principle is based upon exploitation, control and destruction--it does not follow the Golden Rule of do unto others,  but is devoted to selfish(Adam's Smith self-interest) and violence. As Viktor Schauberger noted our technology is based upon explosion and not implosion and will bring about our demise.In Vortices and Spirals I explained the importance of implosion versus explosion.

PS: If you have never heard of Viktor Schauberger, or read any of his works I strongly encourage you to do so. Incredible.

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Social media users more likely to feel isolated, study finds

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