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Haunted to Health, Ghost Sightings May Help Us Identify Sacred Sites--and Heal Us

The following appears in the current Fall Issue of the American Society of Dowsers Digest. It is a twist on an article that I wrote for the Spirit House Society's Messenger (2011.)

Ghost Sightings May Help Us Identify Sacred Sites
Madis Senner
We are so used to hearing about people being scared to death because they saw a ghost that we would never think that a ghost sighting could be therapeutic. As someone dedicated to learning about and educating people about Mother Earth’s subtle body—her chakras, energies, essences—I am always interested in places where people see ghosts. I have found that these are often sacred places that have an abundance of healing earth energies.
It’s All About the Energies
Spirits, ghosts, demons, nature spirits, artificial elementals, tulpas, golems, poltergeists, malevolent thought forms and more can all startle us. What most of us don’t realize is that such beings are all around us in the unseen world and that we unknowingly come in contact with them daily. To see them we just need to open our eyes.

The Castle was in decay
Most places where people see ghosts, UFOs or spirits are actually sites of strong earth energies. Researcher Dr. Michael Persinger, who has studied mystical experiences for some time, believes that they are created by anomalies in earth energies. He has visited numerous places where people have seen UFO’s and ghosts and found that they have high levels of electromagnetic energy that produce what he believes are hallucinations. The geomagnetic field encompasses the earth and nourishes our subtle body.
Persinger believes that out-of-body experiences, visions, or feelings of a sensed presence near us is the result of an increase in electromagnetic energy to the temporal lobe of our brain. To prove this, he has constructed what he calls a “God Helmet” to artificially replicate the mystical experience. The “God Helmet” is a modified snowmobile helmet with solenoids on it that are placed close to the temporal lobes. When someone dons it, magnetic waves are applied to the brain and many people have reported having mystical experiences.
         Persinger’s work has been questioned. Swedish researchers claimed that they were unable to replicate Persinger’s work. Researcher Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, an affirmed atheist like Persinger, experienced nothing when he tried on the “God Helmet."    Persinger points out he failed the test because of alcohol  and his temporal lobe insensitivity. Still many people have had all sorts of mystical visions with the “God Helmet,” such as psychologist and parapsychology researcher Susan Blackmore. Todd Murphy, an associate of Persinger has gone on to create the “Shakti Helmet” and the “Shiva Helmet” to create altered states of consciousness.
Those same places with high earth energies that produce visions can also be healing places. Researcher Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of The Infinite Mind, has found that increasing our intake of geomagnetic energy can be very therapeutic. She noted how people on a cruise to Antarctica with its high geomagnetic energy from the South Pole showed increased energy flow in their subtle bodies, and no one became ill, though many cruisers typically do. A medical doctor confirmed that people on cruises to Antarctica rarely get ill and are generally much more fit and healthy than on other cruises, even though they may be significantly older.
Mother Earth’s Healing
The difficulty that I have with Persinger’s work is that his instruments do not go far enough. The energies and essences that science is dealing with are infinitesimal when compared to what Mother Earth provides. Scientists acknowledge this when they talk about zero-point field, on how a small speck of the air has more energy than 1,000 atomic bombs—in other words the unseen world around us is infinitely more powerful than the material world and they are only talking about energy. Mother Earth provides us with a host of essences and consciousness that science has not even begun to grasp. 
To me, a ghost sighting, a place where people have seen an apparition, may actually be haunted, or it may be a sacred site. There may be many reasons why people have had a mystical experience some place. It could be that there is some special feature of Mother Earth that is a font for earth energies, such as an earth chakra. It could be that ancient native cultures prayed there and that the veil to the other side has become thin because of it, allowing us to see an alternative reality, what I call a Chimayo Fatima.
       About a decade ago, I developed the term Chimayo Fatima which combines the names of two such places: Chimayo, a spot in New Mexico where visions and cures have taken place; and Fatima, a location in Portugal where in 1917 three shepherd girls encountered Marian (Virgin Mary) apparitions.

There are many ways that Mother Earth can blanket us with additional energies, forces, consciousness and more that can lead to mystical experiences, such as seeing ghosts and spirits. Mother Earth is often behind our mystical experiences. This is to be expected, as our subtle body is dependent upon Mother Earth’s, Her energies—prana or qi—to nurture our energy body and higher essences and consciousness to nurture our higher more rarified subtle bodies.
It is not surprising that when we go someplace where there is an abundance of energies and essences that we see things. Our subtle body is getting a healthy dose of nourishment, and this is causing us to see another reality—the real one. Not only does this extra dose of Mother Earth lead to mystical experiences, but it helps heal us by providing a boost to our subtle body that can far exceed any supplement we ingest or the healing touch of a Reiki practitioner.
The Source Point stretches from my dogs to my friends, and straddles the road. One huge transformer like structure that is pouring powerful Earth Energies into the Earth. See the cemetery in the background.

A few years back I was asked to survey a castle and its grounds east of Utica, New York. I was told that several people had seen ghosts there. I found all sorts of divine features of Mother Earth, particularly what I call fields of consciousness, pieces of Mother Earth’s soul. When I went back to the cemetery where the ghosts had been seen, I found a “source point,” a place where Mother Earth’s energies, geomagnetic field and such enter the earth and are disbursed—a “hot spot”!
       Later that night, I noticed that my breathing was very slow; I was hardly breathing. When I went back to the “source point” the following spring, after only a few minutes of meditating I tested my systolic blood pressure and found it to be around 30 points lower. I felt calm, collected, yet vibrant.

Tips to Visiting a Sacred Ghost Site
I suggest you visit a sacred site. It does not have to be a place where people have seen ghosts. Bring a meditation cushion and settle into and plunk yourself down into a comfy position for the long haul. Understand that you need to work at developing your sentience of Mother Earth. You may be like Researcher Richard Dawkins who has temporal lobe insensitivity and could not feel the effects of magnetic waves. You can develop this ability.
The cemetery behind the Source Point where people saw ghosts because they were imbued with Earth Energies from the Source Point.
To develop your sensitivity of Mother Earth’s essences, show her respect: say thanks or give Her an offering. When you meditate, begin by focusing on Mother Earth. Try to feel Her. Whatever body part has a sensation, focus on that sensation and give it strength. Continue focusing, and over time you will progressively get better at sensing Mother Earth, and your health and immunity to disease will increase dramatically. The increased strength and flow of energy from Mother Earth into your subtle body will help clear your circuits, nadis and meridians, of blockages. This energy inflow will also begin to raise the vibration of your subtle body, which is enormously beneficial to your health and well being. Once you develop your connection to Mother Earth, you can tap into Her at any time
Madis Senner’s fourth book,Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World is available at the ASD bookstore. You can read his musings at http: //motherearthprayers.blogspot .com. Madis is currently working on his newest book, due out spring 2019, Everything Has Karma, Embracing and Working with Our Interconnectedness.

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