Monday, October 1, 2018

Survey of Sanders Preserve, Schenectady County, NY--Part II

Below are pictures of our survey of Sanders Preserve in Schenectady County, NY. Part II

 Another one of the dimpled stone mounds--or mounds with depressed areas, usually in the center. My backpack is in the depressed area.

Craig took us to what appeared to once be a water well. In the picture below Peter is holding the staff to show the depth of the above ground cylinder of stones.

I appears that a shallow water vein not more than a few underground ran next to the cylinder of stones. It is difficult to make out in the picture below but a large flat stone was placed underground a the bottom of the cylinder of stones.  If the water ran fast enough the bottom flat stone and column of stones above it may have provided enough support for the water to pool and be able to be scooped up. But this is purely a theory.

However, the vibe was horrific at this stone mound. My head seriously hurt. So one must seriously wonder if something sinister took place there.

A  Vortex Ring
Towards the end of the day I found a vortex ring in the woods. Most likely the remnant of once was an energy vortex. A vortex ring, a circling of energy, is the last stage before the formation of vortex.

 We said a prayer around the vortex ring. My seat cushion is over it.  Pictured above from left to right Peter Shell, Craig Wright and Janice Carr. Not seen Polly Midgley. We took turns meditating in the vortex ring. Craig said he was going to go back and meditated in it and hopefully help restore it back to being an energy vortex, or what I call a natural vortex.

Another angle showing Polly.

It was a fun day, the weather was splendid and the company even better. The finds of stone mounds and features of Mother Earth were pretty darn good as well.

Thanks for showing us Sanders Preserve Craig.

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