Monday, October 1, 2018

Survey of Sanders Preserve, Schenectady County, NY--Part I

Below are pictures of our survey of Sanders Preserve in Schenectady County, NY. Part I NEARA member Craig Wright was generous to show us several of the stone structures within the park on September 19.

It was not long before we saw our first stone mound. It has deteriorated over the years. My cushion marks a depressed area.

 Above you can see a large Manitou Stone with a stone circle built around it. Peter Wright is in the upper right.
A close up of the Manitou.

Peter Shell standing above a water dome. A water dome forms in response to positive human intentions/prayers/ceremony as water bubbles up to the surface of the earth in response. A water dome is a clear indication that this area of Sanders Preserve was used for sacred purposes.

Another stone mound with a depressed, or dimpled area. My cushion marks the indentation. I believe pilgrims sat in the depressed area.

Peter Shell spreading tobacco and leading a ceremony.

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