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Ramapo Walls and Stone Mounds at Harriman Park, NYS--Part III Stone Walls

There is a reason they call it the Ramapo Walls. There were lots of stone walls to be found.
Pepper walking over one of the stone walls. To give you perspective he about 18" tall.
Time has not been kind to the Ramapo Walls.
The stone walls were visually spectacular and interesting; and did provide some new interpretations of working with Mother Earth. Clearly, the stone walls and mounds were located over Earth Energies--an accomplished geomancer, or dowser of Earth Energies with some skill and with some effort should be able to  ascertain such. I think that the emphasis on placing stone walls on Earth Energies may be unique to the region as seen with other areas such as the walls by the Wangtown Stone Chambers and or those by the nearby Kings Chamber (see Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART III--The Stone Block Wall) and with Overlook Mountain; assuming my map dowsing of the walls at Overlook mountain are correct. But again I have only visited a few places. I have not see such at High Tor at other places in upstate NY or at places in Vermont such as Calendar 2 in Vermont, or New Hampshire. But then again there may have been stone walls at these places that were subsequently removed. 

What I am saying is that I have noticed an increased emphasis on placing stone walls on energy formation in downstate NY; possibly even in the tai-state area.

There were a variety of stone enclosures

There was a quartz stone in one of the walls and one must wonder if that was intentionally place there and had some purpose.

Several strips of stone walls contained depressed or dimpled areas.   Although it is difficult to see it appears that these depressions  were intentionally created. I believe that this is where pilgrims would sit and do ceremony, pray or meditate.

I am very familiar with stone structures with depressed, or hollowed out, or dimpled areas and have find them from West Virginia to New England as I will discuss in the next section.

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Ramapo Walls and Stone Mounds at Harriman Park, NYS--Part IV Stone Mounds

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