Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ramapo Walls and Stone Mounds at Harriman Park, NYS--Part IV Stone Mounds

Just about all of the stone mounds had depressed, or dimpled areas. As previously noted I believe that pilgrims would sit in the depressed areas.

Pepper (white dog) and Jaeda Bear (black dog) sitting in two of the several depressed areas of a stone mound.

Another angle of the picture above it.

I am very familiar with stone mounds with depressed ares having found them in numerous places;
High Tor NYS DEC Wildlife Mgmt. Area in Middlesex, NY,
 Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part III(of VII)--The St... NY
Part II Stonewall/Ohiopyle Survey--Carrion Run West Cairn Fields WV
Part IV Stonewall Ohiopyle Survey--Ohiopyle State Park PA
As well as NH and VT,

Although it is not clear cut there is a Manitou Stone behind Pepper to the right. The upright flat stone that looks like a grave marking, or headstone. 

I found that many of the stone mounds had intricate stone work detailing aspects of Mother Earth. Clearly the treatment of the stone mounds and walls made some of these markings indistinguishable; but they were there.

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Ramapo Walls and Stone Mounds at Harriman Park, NYS--Part V The Sacred and Profane

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