Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sacred Sties Update--Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

Yesterday when I visited the Peacemaker's Sanctuary I found that a tree had fallen near one of the benches. It could also be a tree that was along paved trail that I saw at my last visit and someone dragged it down to the lake.

I had not visited since May. I also noticed that Yellow Flag, what most know as a form of yellow Iris had taken root in several locations. While yellow flag is pretty when it blooms many consider it to be an invasive species.

Given all the rain I expected that much of the area would be soggy. Fortunately only the area of the far bench was a little wet.

Keeper's Work
I had come to the Peacemaker's Sanctuary to do Keeper's work--the physical and spiritual maintenance of the sacred site.  I cut back the reeds and picked up some garbage. I also dragged the fallen, or washed up tree(?), into the woods.

As for the spiritual work I fortified the energy vortices on both benches. (To learn  about Energy Vortices read my article in Wisdom Magazine or my book Vortices and Spirals.)

As for the closest bench I had to move it back to where it had been before to align up the energy vortices. Energy vortices attach to objects and locations. So when the vortex formed it attached to both the bench and to the location where the bench first was.  So by moving the bench I was aligning up the energy vortex on the bench with the one on the ground.

Because the first bench sees more traffic it had totally dissipated. I was able to revive it. 

Why had it dissipated?

Energy vortices form in response to human intention(love, compassions, altruism, giving, etc..) are are affected by the consciousness that they come in contact with. They merge with it.

The first bench sees more traffic and because many are not on a spiritual path the vortex diminishes when it merges with such consciousness. Also the thinking and activities occurring there are not always of the highest good. Again that consciousness merges with that of the energy vortex, often to the detriment to the energy vortex. As I have taught and written about on several occasions,  consciousness merges with the consciousness it comes in contact with; most notably in my book Everything Has Karma

The vortex on the second bench was still intact, albeit weaker. It was much more easily revived. 
Looking at the picture above it seems like our friend Mr. Beaver has gnawed down a few more trees by the far bench. Notice the tree stumps with pencil sharpened like tops.

While it may seem that by continually having to clean and spiritually uplift a space I am like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain to have it roll down once I get it to the top. Such is a Keeper's work. Understand also that those visiting, especially if they sit on the benches will be enveloped by an energy vortex. And while they may diminish its vibe and deplete the energy vortex they will be the better for it because their consciousness will be raised by the consciousness of the energy vortex when they merge with it. The vortices will not only raise their consciousness but MAY give them insights, have them find resolution or healing, give them joy and much more. What a blessing it is to be able to do this.

The Holiest of Holy Places
Onondaga Lake where the great Haudenosaunee prophet the Peacemaker planted the Tree of Peace and gave us the Great Law Peace upon which America's democracy is based upon is the holiest of holiest places. As I noted in Sacred Sites it has the most potent Fields of Consciousness. Much of we hold dear--democracy, Women's Rights,..trace their roots to Onondaga Lake and its environs.

The Peacemaker's Sanctuary is a place where people have found answers to questions, have gotten great insights, had their prayers answered and much more. Find time this summer to visit this sacred place and soak up all the love it holds. I will endeavor to maintain the vibrancy of the energy vortices. VISIT AND EXPERIENCE THE BEST OUR MOTHER HAS TO OFFER.

Directions for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga...

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