Wednesday, June 5, 2019

New Book--Everything Has Karma, Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness


I have just finished my latest book (# 5) Everything Has Karma, Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness ($16.95.) Below is some information on it. You can learn more at its Amazon Page. The book will officially be released September 23, 2019.

I have 3 talks scheduled so far and plan on adding more.
Sept 14 (Sat) 2 PM  Syracuse, Paine Branch Library 113 Nichols Ave
Sept 20 (Thur) 6:30 PM N.Syr., Finger Lakes Dowsers, North Syr. Community Car, 700 S. Bay Rd.
Oct 5 (Sat) 1 PM Rochester Central Library, 115 South Ave. Rochester

You will be able to buy Everything Has Karma at one of my talks or online.

Karma is much more than a simple law of retribution it binds everyone and everything together. In a world where everything has karma we are constantly reaping what others have sown and being shaped, pulled and manipulated by everything we come in contact with-- our friends, where we work, the music we listen to, what we eat, drink, our views on religion and politics, where we live, what we read, the groups we belong to and more. Basically everything in our lives affects us; because everything has karma.

Everything Has Karma explains how the process of karma works and how and why you can take on the karma of others and of things. You will learn how to navigate your life in a world where everything has karma. As well as how you can make karma work for you. You will also learn about circles, spiritual nutrition and much, much, more. Ultimately karma is about making a better you and a better us.

Everything Has Karma is a radical departure from the traditional view of karma.

As you begin to see the impact of karma in connecting everyone and everything you will come to understand that you are your sister's keeper, your bother's keeper, the keeper of Mother Earth, the keeper of all of creation...

Mystics and sages for time immemorial have been telling us that everything is connected and that we are ONE. Everything Has Karma will teach you how karma helps make this happen. Everything Has Karma will change how you see karma and the world. 

“This book is a masterpiece.  Really!  Forget the usual treatment of tit-for-tat karma, the light/dark, curse/joy of it all.  Not here.  What you have instead is what Senner’s keen eye noticed – the interconnecting swirls of thought and action. “ P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., an early researcher of the near-death phenomenon, author of Future Memory and more.

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