Monday, July 4, 2016

Intricate Stone Mound--Bristol/Brink Hill July 3, 2016

Sunday I went surveying for and praying at sacred stone mounds at HI Tor. You can see pictures at my Clarks Gully Blog.


Unknown said...

Dear Madis
On July 6th 2016 I walked the Gorge at Watkins Glen. A few weeks ago I had had some visions and even dreams that now seem connected to this place. I had a deep call from it with every step I took. I searched and searched and then found your blog.
Will you kindly contact me I know we must meet.

madis senner said...


Imprints of our thoughts and actions cling to the land and can be very strong. Jung said our archetypes lie buried in the land. While I see Watkins Glen as more of a visual experience, than a spiritual experience with MOther Earth’s Abundance—some do. A space is like a soup-most of the time all you taste is the stock, but sometimes you bite into something, as you evidently did. I suggest you read my book Vortices and Spirals to learn more.


PS I hope you got my email.