Friday, July 29, 2016

Millenials Take Death Star Technology Camping

CBS Morning had a segment this AM about how the camping industry is retooling itself to appeal to millennials. One of the big changes will be to have WiFi technology at campsites. The report noted that KOA will equip its 500 campsites with WiFi.

Cell phones and digital technology overall damage Mother Earth. WiFi's damage to Mother Earth is like a cell phone on steroids. WiFi technology is patterned after the principles that empower black holes; so destructive and unavoidable that light cannot even escape its grip and are sucked into it.

WiFi causes severe geopathic stress and is incredibly harmful to Mother Earth. I have found negative energy vortices, think cancer-think destruction, form at WiFi sites.

Poor Mother Earth, WiFi is coming to a forest near you.

Rethinking the great outdoors for millennials

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