Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Peacemaker's Sanctuary--More Amazing

We had a lovely meditation this morning at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary on Onondaga Lake; the Wednesday 10 AM meditations will continue into September.

Our goal today was to expand the size of the spiritual area; aka, expand the area of the positive vibe, or imprint. We meditated away from both bench areas.  We were blessed to increase the size, area covered, with a very positive, to extremely positive vibe. NICE!!!!!

It was also very illuminating 

As I have harped on many times before, as we pray/meditate/ritual at a place we reinvigorate Mother Earth at that location. In the process She begins to reveal more and more of Herself.

Some pretty amazing things were revealed today:

More potent and rarefied forms of Fields of Consciousness(FOC.) Mother Earth's Soul is made up of Fields of Consciousness. They can range from a single FOC to as many as 12 FOC stacked (S12) upon each other. S12's are found in the heart os Mother Earth's Soul--The Utica-Syracuse--Rochester corridor. They are the pinnacle and rare. Onondaga Lake has the most and helps explain why so many consider it the holiest place in the world and why so many good things have been borne here. The Peacemaker's Sanctuary has them in spades.

We were pleasantly pleased to find a another series (3) of S12's after our meditation, just east of the old bench. Not only that, but this series of (3-S12's) is arguably connected to the other series making it a series of (6) S12's. WOW. The other side of Onondaga Lake (Willow Bay) is the only other place I have found this and possibly Muller Hill. Unfortunately, Willow Bay, as the Righteous Brother sang, has "lost that loving feeling", aka its vibe.

More proof, Peacemaker's Sanctuary was once a very sacred area .... even bigger than we thought. After we finished meditating we went out to investigate the vibe--the size of the overall imprint, new areas, pockets, etc.

We found several powerful pockets, not so much that they were that powerful, but rather they were significantly more positive, or more powerful, relative to their surrounding space.

In other words, imagine a large circle--give it a value of 10. Let's say there is a much smaller circle within the larger circle-give it a value of 50. The smaller circle with a value of 50 are like the pockets of positive vibe we found.


These pockets are indicate that something good happened there. Most likely these are where  vortices once were, (For explanation see, Vortices and Spirals.)

I imagine numerous vortices will manifest in the Peacemaker's Sanctuary as we continue to pray there.

Another Vortex Ring near the original location, the new bench. Another vortex ring has appeared, or we found?. That makes 2 vortex rings straddle the original bench---Such vigor and spontaneity say that they were most likely vortexes before, and had deteriorated.

If we keep at it I imagine that both vortex rings will pop and give birth to actual vortexes this fall/winter. I may mark these vortex rings, as they would be great places to try and sense and feel Consciousness, let along leap frog your meditative ability and consciousness. Very sweet!

Placing stones would be a good marker to tell people where to pray/meditate.

My concern is that kids will throw the stones into the water, as they did with the stones we buried in the soil around the Tree of Peace that once stood in Willow Bay.

Some pictures follow. They do not do justice to the beautiful views of the lake.



PS: The Peacemaker's Sanctuary, where Mother Earth's soul resides, the veil is thin, and powerful imprints cling to the land looking to inspire and nourish you.

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Unknown said...

It was an incredible morning, being in the Peacemaker's Sanctuary, in the presence of so many layers of fields of higher consciousness. Our meditation was greatly enhanced because of thankful for this opportunity! You can feel the power of the vortices that are scattered throughout the area. To think that we are re-connecting with those who meditated here before....and by doing so, we awaken and provide more impetus to the healing of the Earth and mankind.

As soon as you walk into the area, you will be transformed and lifted up by the energy present. The beauty of the lake and terrain will forever remain in your memory. Go, experience it for yourself, only then will you know.

Janice Carr