Friday, July 1, 2016

Trip Home--Johnson Hall, Stone Arabia Church

The trip home from the Dowsers' Convention in Saratoga Spring included stops as several sacred sites.

Johnson Hall in Johnstown, NY was the home of Sir William Johnson who served as Head of Indian Affairs for Britain before the Revolutionary War. He showed an uncanny willingness to work with and learn from Native Americans and was greatlly respected.

There is a special air, or vibe to this place--a place to heal relationships and hearts, a place of mending. Go there if you ever wish to reconcile with someone.

Several have told me that they have had visions or seen Spirits there.

There is a lovely Field of Consciousness (FOC) in front a large tree near the carriage house. As noted it evokes a feeling of peace and reconciliation.

In the picture below you can see the Carriage House in the background.

I believe that the tree is a Honeylocust. If anyone can tell by the leaves in the picture below please post to the blog. Thanks

Stone Arabia Church in Stone Arabia, NY (near Palantine) has  pastoral feel to it of a day gone bye. All of the church sits on a FOC.

No one has ever been there when I visited. It seems you could just sit there for hours in solitude and soak it up.

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