Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Woods are Full of Sacred Sites and Stone Structures

I spent the past two days hiking sections of the Onondaga Trail (part of the Finger Lakes Trail System.) Yesterday I brought my dowsing rods along, today I forget them in the car. Which is unfortunate because I found two stone mounds that appeared to be aligned on aspects of Mother Earth.

Today my focus was not finding stone structures. But when I stopped to sit down and eat a sandwich I saw an earthen pile containing several large flat stones and what I call a manitou stone (a stone vertically implanted in the earth.) I went over and looked at it, and  felt like a Field of Consciousness (emanates consciousness and Spirit/Ley Lines pass over and absorb the consciousness and travel around the world.) It is highly likely that this was an old Spirit Keeper site. Later on the way back I meditated on it.

I also found a pile of stones, with the large ones on top, over some sort of energy formation of Mother Earth. It felt very distinct, but such sensations can be confused with negative imprints.

It is written that when settlers began migrating west they found thousands of earthen mounds. Unfortunately, farmers, treasure hunters and urban sprawl wiped them out. A few still stand as I have noted, with my posts on Serpent Mound and the mounds at Long Branch park at Onondaga Lake.

But much still remains.

Over the years I have found hundreds of stone and earthen structures ( as well as farmers piles); several quite intricate. Just about all these mounds were meant to tap into and connect with Mother Earth, or to enhance Her. These stone structures are in remote places, in difficult to access areas such as gorges, or steep inclines. I have only scratched the surface.

I imagine that there are thousands if not tens of thousands of stone structures still standing in New York and much of the northeast. They are small, nondescript, sometimes only a flat stone in the earth strategically placed on an aspect of Mother Earth. 

I encourage you to learn to connect with Mother Earth and develop the ability to sense and feel Her many emanations. Learn how to dowse with an emphasis on Mother Earth. The woods, the parks, the Nature places near you probably have stone structures. Places that you will have for yourself; places where you are your own personal guide. These are ancient and precious places where you can meditate, pray or do ceremony and hopefully tap into old imprints that still cling to them and help deliver you a mystical experience, or raise your consciousness.

I encourage you to explore on your own.

I will make sure to bring my dowsing rods and a camera with me next time and post pics of my finds; So that it may encourage you to help reinvigorate these divine places and in the process nourish you.

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