Monday, April 24, 2017

Cinnamon Hill State Forest Survey

I had a chance to visit Cinnamon Hill NYS DEC Forest which straddles Schuyler and Steuben counties last week. One of the DEC folks in Albany told me that there were stone mounds there. My hope was that some of them were ancient Indigenous sites marking out aspects of Mother Earth such as I have found at Hi Tor. There were many stone piles and remnants of old buildings, but no ancient ceremonial sites on aspects of Mother Earth. But I only scratched the surface of the area.

I did find what may be the remnants of a once Charged Ley Line. As I have been noting in my talks and in my YouTube video on Charged Ley Lines they are  found all over the place, particularly in the northeast.

Below are some of the pictures of what I found.

The picture above, and the closeup below, is of two stones on a Ley Line. Whether this was intentional or coincidental is difficult to determine. There are not many Ley Lines in the area and the area has been farmed and logged; so this would bode for it once being a Charged Ley Line.  But then again, there was no charge--or positive vibe left. Do the stones mark what was once a Charged Ley Line?

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Unknown said...

Cinnamon Hill has undergone much clear cutting over the years. What ancient sites that may have been there were probably scattered. I have seen little of the area, but that is my initial impression.
Janice Carr